Why baby monitors are important

If you’re a young parent, then you have surely heard of baby monitors. If you’re still a bit confused about what it exactly is and what this device does, then keep reading to find out. You will learn about the modern tendencies and what’s the benefit of having one at home. Additionally, you will find how to choose the right model.

What’s a baby monitor

Simply a baby monitor is a radio device, which lets you hear or see your infant, while you’re not in the room. Baby monitors exist on the market for some while. The contemporary techs have wide differences from what parents used to know in the past.

The monitor can serve as an audio or a video device. It can include a night light, play baby songs and have even more handful characteristics. The grandpa of modern baby monitors is the baby phone- a simple tool working on the walkie-talkie principle. Baby phones used to have a larger size compared to new models of baby monitors.

In the past you could only hear your baby with a limited range of the signal- let’s say, the other room. Today’s monitors have more extensive range both indoors and outdoors – up to 250/300 meters. Except for the wider signal field the contemporary devices reduce the noise and the distortion of the sound and image.

The size is smaller, the connection better and your life is calmer than before.Modern technologies now give every parent a chance to be free in his everyday life. You are not bound to supervise the infant and to keep an eye on him constantly. This is a better way to secure your child by receiving real-time information. In the years before baby monitors existed babycare required more efforts and time. Nowadays parents can be sure for their baby’s safety while still maintain a regular daily routine.

The chance of incidents in the past was higher without proper supervision. It needed constant attention, which was exhausting for the parents and made them distracted and preoccupied. New baby monitors give a chance for more efficient and balanced parenthood.

The importance of baby monitor

A baby monitor can be a quite useful gadget not only for young parents. If your family is big and you have more than two children taking care of everything is a hard job.Every child needs attention and has different needs, but you’re just one person. A baby monitor will help you hear every sound your infant makes, while you take care of your other tasks.

You can bring the device with you when you travel – on holiday, or in the hotel. The handful accessory will become your best friend at home as well. You will be able to go to the near shop, clean the house or keep your work in order.
No worries anymore about the noise when having guests or inviting friends, just close the door and listen to the monitor.

Besides assuring your free time, the baby monitor serves as an essential safety device.

By knowing what’s happening in every moment with your baby, you can prevent dangerous incidents. Little ones can swallow small particles, fall out of bed and hurt themselves unintentionally. Radio and video connection let you spot the danger immediately. It is a guarantee for your baby’s safety.

Last, but not least real-time control reduces anxiety amongst young parents. It makes them more convenient and adequate in their everyday life. The natural fear regarding the baby’s well-being can often paralyze young mom’s minds and make them nervous. Finally, the little one might become attention over-dependent if the parent is always watching him.

Pros of having a baby monitor

Having a baby monitor at home is helpful in every way thanks to the multi functional characteristics of the new devices. Installation is simple; you only need a little space to set up the main body of the child’s reach. Most of them operate remotely by using a mobile app to serve data.

You can easily track your baby’s movement by receiving video to your smartphone or audio signal to the receiver. Some models support wireless internet connection and have strong encryption to make sure your privacy is protected. You can freely move around your house with the receiver or phone in your pocket.

The more expensive gadgets use special sensors to track motion and alert you in these two cases: if the child stops moving, which means something is wrong or when the sensor tracks movement- the child is up, and he can fall out of bed.

Other functions include heart rate tracking and breathing control. The electronics use long-life batteries with up to 7/8 hours working time. Some of the additional features include colorful lights and calming music to help the baby have a better sleep.
Some of the newest models can notify you when the temperature in the room is too low, or the moisture in the air is too high. You can even check your child’s body temperature with the modern techs.

Some video monitors allow adjustment of the zoom and tilt or pan remotely. Furthermore, you will get notified every time the battery is low, or the connection is weak.

Are baby monitors the future?

Some parents are reticent about having a baby monitor, highlighting parenthood should be kept old-fashioned. The reasons are complicated – they are concerned about the harmful impact of microwaves, and the loss of privacy, when using a Wi-Fi connection. Others don’t want to rely on technology, claiming the human factor is lost.

Market analysis and statistics, however, show a significant increase of the baby monitors market size. The demand for baby monitors goes straight up in since 2015. Official reports indicate that the U.S is the most prominent consumer of baby monitors and the market will reach revenue of $1.600 million to 2020.
Some of the aspects influencing the increase are the improved perception of the baby’s safety and the higher number of working parents.

By looking at the reports by type of device you can quickly conclude advantage take combined baby monitors. People not only prefer to hear, but to see their kids when they’re away.
Finally, the technology is providing parents a secure way to prevent a sudden baby death, caused by the so-called SIDS.

SIDS is a strange syndrome caused by unknown reasons, and it is the biggest fear of many mothers. New heart rate tracking monitors can alert you if the child stops breathing or starts to suffocate. For parents with prematurely born children, this can be a life-saver.

Cute baby monitor
Cute baby monitor

How to choose the right baby monitor

Today a wide range of models with minor or richer functionalities exist. If diversity confuses you, there are some factors to have in mind before you make your decision.
Do you need essential features or something more complicated? If you stay mainly at home, you can choose a standard audio monitor. On the other hand, if you’re a working person or in constant movement maybe video device is a better choice.

Consider how many features do you need. Is your child prematurely born or does he or she has some health issue? Are you worried about his overall health condition? If yes, then monitors with sensors are your best option.

While scrolling down reading specs, you should consider your options for connectivity. Is your Wi-Fi connection weak or strong? For lousy internet connectivity, simple audio analog monitors are great. They don’t count on the wireless signal but use FM radio waves instead.

Furthermore, families with bigger homes and large spaces may prefer a baby monitor with improved signal range. If you want to be still able to talk to your baby even from the other room, you can have two-way talk monitor. These devices have a built-in microphone and let you speak, sing and calm the child with your voice.

If you seek e highly sensitive, noise reduced and sounded adjustable device- there are appropriate options too on the market.
Finally, the price might be determinant for you. If you don’t want or just can’t afford to spend a fortune for a baby monitor, choose something simple, but useful.

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